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Complete Engines
Include fuel pump, injectors, injector pipes, timing assembly and bell housing. Complete engines are tested prior to despatch. Once tested the flywheel and manifolds are removed and the engine is packed without these parts. Outer timing covers, pulleys, manifolds, flywheel and turbo charger are not included.

Stripped Engines
Include sump, block, cylinder head, rocker cover, inner timing cover, camshaft and crankshaft gear.

Short Engines
Consist of block, crank, con-rods and pistons only.

Per indicazioni più complete ed esaustive riguado quanto compreso nella fornitura, contattare Aylmer Motors


Re-conditioned Engines
These engines have been through the following rigorous processes:

  • Complete strip down
  • Removal of all core plugs
  • Thorough cleaning in environmentally-friendly, solvent-free washing machines
  • Removal of all parts subject to wear
  • Inspection of casings for signs of damage and corrosion
  • Crack-testing of camshafts before and after re-grinding
  • Re-boring of blocks and machining of decks to the correct surface finishes
  • Fitting of perfectly-balanced, machined con-rods in accordance with manufacturers recommended piston protrusions
  • Meticulous re-building of engines in individual, contaminant-free workstations
  • Renewal of all bearings and gaskets throughout the engine
  • Renewal/overhaul of oil pumps
  • Replacement of all core plugs
  • Dyno-testing of complete engines
  • Final inspection
  • Wrapping in cellophane and fitting into rigid, steel transportation frames
Per informazioni più dettagliate ed esaustive riguardo il ricondizionamento, contattare Aylmer Motors

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reconditioned - Complete
Part Numbers: STC4526
Compatibilità Veicoli:
  • Freelander 1 / 2.0 Td4 BMW -
21.900,25 €
(IVA inclusa)
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