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Solid mass flywheel, cover & plate

The flywheel conversion kit can be used to replace the dual mass flywheel using a solid metal flywheel and a heavy duty clutch kit.

Kit contains:


  • Solid mass flywheel
  • Replacement clutch cover
  • Replacement clutch plate

The one piece flywheel will not break up like the dual mass one so it is highly likely you will never need to change it again which means:

  • Lower cost
  • Ease of fitment
  • Potentially eliminating any future flywheel failures

Notes - Kit doesn't include the release bearing - UUB000070. This kit will make the gearbox more audible in the car at tick over.

Varianti Disponibili

Compatibilità Veicoli:
  • Freelander 1 / 2.0 Td4 BMW -
860,13 €
(IVA inclusa)
Disponibile in 7gg dall'ordine
  • IVA compresa, trasporto escluso
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