Tubi freno rigidi

Ready made brake pipe sets...
• Easily fitted
• Will not rust

Copper nickel brake pipe sets manufactured in the UK for specific vehicles. Each pipe is cut to the correct length, fitted with solid brass
unions and marked clearly to indicate the correct location on the Land Rover. Pipe fitting clips and brass in-line connectors are supplied where necessary.

DA7400   Series 2     SWB RHD 1958 - 1961. From chassis 141900105 to suffix F inclusive 4-cylinder
DA7428   Series 2     SWB LHD 1958 -1969 suffix F. 4-cylinder from chassis 141900105 to suffix F
DA7429   Series 2A   SWB LHD 1969 4-cylinder to suffix G
DA7401   Series 2A   SWB RHD 4-cylinder up to 1969 suffix G

DA7402   Series 2A   LWB RHD 09/1961 - 01/1969 4-cylinder up to suffix F
DA7405   Series 2A   LWB RHD 6-cylinder with servo up to 1969 to suffix F
  Series 2A   LWB RHD From 04/1969 suffix G. No servo 6-cylinder from suffix G.
DA7403   Series 3     SWB RHD Single line 4-cylinder & 6-cylinder
DA7407   Series 3     SWB RHD Dual lightweight up to 07/1980
DA7409   Series 3     SWB RHD Dual to early 1980
DA7412   Series 3     SWB RHD Lightweight dual up to 1975 with servo to chassis 95102970A
DA7413   Series 3     SWB RHD Dual up to 07/1980. Civilian body metric & imperial system
DA7430   Series 3     SWB LHD No servo
DA7432   Series 3     SWB LHD Dual system
DA7404   Series 3    LWB RHD 4-cylinder & 6-cylinder single line
DA7408   Series 3    LWB RHD From 07/1980 & air portable lightweight from July 1980 onwards & 1981 V8 dual
DA7410   Series 3    LWB RHD Up to 06/1980 dual. 4-cylinder up to 06/1980 & V8 up to 09/1980
DA7431   Series 3    LWB LHD Single line 4-cylinder & 6-cylinder
DA7411   Defender 90    RHD 1985 - 1991 & 1999 to VIN HA701009
DA7418   Defender 90    RHD 1992 onwards
DA7420  D efender 110  RHD 1983 - 1987
  Defender 110  RHD 1988 - 1991 VIN HA90219
DA7419   Defender 130  RHD Country station wagon from 1994 VIN LA
DA7415   Discovery 1 200Tdi    RHD Up to VIN JA 1992
DA7416   Discovery 1 200Tdi    RHD From VIN JA 1993 - 1996
DA7417   Discovery 1 300Tdi    RHD 1995 non-ABS
DA7433   Discovery 1 300Tdi    LHD 1994 with ABS
DA7422   Range Rover Classic    RHD Early models
DA7421   Range Rover Classic    RHD From 1979 with rear valve
DA7434   Range Rover Classic    LHD From 1979 with rear valve
DA7423   Range Rover Classic    RHD Non-ABS from 1987 VIN DA274121 (2-door) & DA273923 (4-door) OSF valve
  Range Rover Classic    RHD ABS 1986 up to VIN CA274120 (2-door) & CA273922 (4-door) front valve & bypass pipe
DA7435   Range Rover Classic    LHD From 1987 non-ABS from VIN DA274121 (2-door) & DA273923 (4-door) front valve & bypass pipe
DA7436   Range Rover Classic    LHD ABS front valve & bypass pipe 1986. 1983 up to VIN CA274120 (2-door) & CA273922 (4-door) 1986 onwards
  Range Rover Classic    RHD ABS 1990 - 1991 VIN HA
DA7426   Range Rover Classic    RHD ABS 1992 VIN JA
  Range Rover Classic    RHD 1993 VIN KA air suspension
DA7437   Range Rover Classic    LHD Up to 1992 VIN HA with Clayton Dewandre Wabco 4-channel ABS


Brake pipe bending tool.
Can be used with all Britpart brake pipe kits.