This is a high performance, fully automatic, practical driver assistance device. The primary objective is very simple: to help a driver to see things that they may not otherwise see

when reversing. The camera is rated at IP68 which means it is impervious to dust and water. The camera offers a view of the rear bumper and blind spot when backing up. The camera can be mounted in various locations with or without the supplied adhesive or screw on bracket. A single connection is made to the reverse light circuit and ground. This can be done near the rear light cluster or inside the vehicle, whichever is the most convenient. A 3/16" connector is fed through or more typically under the vehicle and into the cabin where it is plugged into the 3.5" slimline monitor. No other connections or work is involved. When the vehicle is put into reverse gear, a sharp and vivid image is instantly displayed on the screen.

With the patented cable technology, installation should take around 30-45 minutes.

No other system in the market is as quick and easy to install.


  • Small, discreet, camera.
  • Typically installed above number plate to include the rear bumper in the field of view.
  •  Outstanding image quality both day and night.
  •  Panoramic view.
  • Instant image on.
  • Single cable installation technology.
  • IP68 rated (100% water and dust proof).
  • Works seamlessly with supplied LCD monitor.