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Heavy-duty steel roof rack

  • weight 50kgs
  • 4 roof cross rails as standard
  • can accommodate 3 additional roof cross rails (optionals).
  • Long luggage rail ideal for side loaded tentsv
  • Refer to owners handbook for recommended maximum weight.
  • Explorer roof racks can be affixed with a system of detachable roof cross rails to the rainwater gutters or with aluminium clamps to fit directly on to the majority of Safety Devices' external roll cages.
  • A rain gutter mounted roof rack can be converted in to a roll cage mounted roof rack with the appropriate fitting kit.
  • The standard pack includes a steel roof rack, fixing bolts and optional roof cross rails.
  • Roof racks are grit blasted, primed with a zinc enriched powder undercoat, and finished with a durable black powder coat.
  • Not compatible with a sunroof.
  • Tents can normally be affixed to the roof rack without a floor, although a marine ply non-slip floor is also available.
  • Additional roof cross rails are available to purchase for use without a roof rack for use as, for example, a roof bar, basic tent support, attaching a roof storage box or to spread additional load on the Safety Devices' roof racks.

Varianti Disponibili

1400mm x 2800mm - Long luggage rail
Compatibilità Veicoli:
  • Defender 110 - hard top & station wagon

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